Discover Your Course For Life

Are you fulfilled in your work?

Are you making the impact you always thought you'd make?

Do you have meaningful friendships?

Are you happy with your home life?

Are you living the life of your dreams?

It IS possible to answer "YES!" to each of these questions!

 Discover Your Course For Life is designed to get you there.

Dr Ron Keller has spent his 40+ year career helping hundreds of people who wanted to pursue their Course For Life - a fulfilling, meaningful and impactful life. He has combined all of that knowledge and experience into a Course that you can now take with your family and friends, to finally discover and live in your course for life.

Learn more about Temperaments & the Discover Course!

We created a short video series (each video is less than 5 minutes) to help explain what are Temperaments, what's the difference between Temperament and Personality, how understanding your Temperament can help you know what to do with your life, and what is the Discover Course. Temperaments are core to what we do in the Discover Course, and since most people have familiarity with personality inventories, we wanted to help lay the foundation for why we use this tool, why it's so valuable, and how it can truly be life changing, especially as an essential component in the Discover Course!



You've studied everything else - math, history, the merits of coconut oil, job-specific training...

It's time to study and know yourself!

Learn your wants and needs, why you do and say the things you do, why you get along with some people and not others, why you thrive in some environments and shrink in others, and more. Once you know these things, you can begin to value yourself enough to say you are worth pursuing the life that you were created for and will thrive in!

In the Discover Course you will gain this knowledge and more about yourself through understanding your Temperament assessment and relevant scriptural passages. The Temperament assessment we use is an extremely powerful tool. You won't just be categorized into a grouping similar to 25% of the population, it truly describes you, at your core, and brings a wealth of understanding to every facet of your life.

However, we all know that it's not enough to know something, unless you do something with it. That's an important facet of this Course: application! In this Course we will walk side-by-side with you as you gain some incredible knowledge, and then it will help you apply that knowledge to your life so that you see actual, lasting results.

You may have been trained to do something, or you may have been in your field for many years; you may even be considered an expert in your field. But that doesn't necessarily mean that you're doing what you were designed to do or what is most fulfilling to you. However, it can be scary to take the first step in a new direction, especially if you're unsure of what you would like to do or what you are best suited for.



Hear Brian's story about his experience in the Discover Course!

"I loved learning about how different temperament type combinations are lived out in real peoples’ lives.  I learned so much through listening to others and Dr. Keller’s explanations of how and why they react and respond to others’ communication styles.  This is great knowledge in my personal and professional life and would love my work team to take the class!"


"My marriage/communication is so much stronger knowing one another's Temperaments, I'm more motivated to change careers, and I'm less judgmental, understanding we all have unique Temperaments."


"It was super beneficial and the step that impacted me the most was coming to realize and accept our strengths and our weaknesses. I could go through life thinking that I needed to focus on my weaknesses always trying improve them at the expense of seeing my strengths."


"The Temperament Profile has really helped my wife and I understand why we do certain things. Helps us understand when the other is 'recharging', what they need, and what they don't need."


"The Course was very beneficial, because it helped me leap over many of the hurdles that have been stifling me and helped me even identify what the hurdles were."



Any person who desires to live and work more congruently with how they are wired will benefit from this Course.

Maybe one of these describes you:

  • Some people know what their calling is but aren't sure how to get there
  • Some people, swept up in the inertia of their career, have completely lost sight of what they once dreamed of, and don't know how to get back
  • Some people genuinely doubt that they have anything good to offer the world
  • Some people's life path took a detour, welcomed or not, and need a hand getting started again

We want to help people awaken to their calling, to truly discover their course for life (and that there is no one else who can do what they were created to do!), and then help them walk into that life confidently and intentionally! (Minimum age: 17)


Temperament Analysis

Unique to you, and laying out your needs, motivations, energy levels, capacity, ways of relating and more - in black-and-white.


You will leave feeling affirmed in your choices and confident as you proceed into your purpose for life.

Grow Closer to God

God made you with a purpose in mind! It's through a growing relationship with Him that we discover what it is.

A Roadmap for Life

The tools from this course remove the guesswork and trial-and-error that typically accompanies personal and career choices.

Tools for Restoration

Identify and bring closure to things in your past that may be holding you back.


Having cleared out things holding you back and defining where you want to go, you will be energized to step out and move forward.

Personal Growth

In self-awareness, self-understanding, and self-acceptance. Gain these for yourself so that you can extend them to others.


Surround yourself with people who, like you, value and invest in their futures.

Increased Effectiveness

Clarity on how you should best invest your time, energy, and resources based on your wiring, priorities and goals.

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