We created a short video series (each video is less than 5 minutes) to help explain what are Temperaments, what's the difference between Temperament and Personality, and how understanding your Temperament can help you.

Video 1 - What is Temperament and why does it matter to you?

Video 2 - What's the difference between Temperament and Personality?

Video 3 - How can understanding your Temperament help you know what to do with your life?

Video 4 - What is "Discover Your Course For Life"?

Why Temperament Counseling Works


Temperament counseling is an effective, organized method of counseling that often works when other counseling has not. It helps clients understand why they do the things they do, and addresses problems rather than symptoms. It is personal, focusing on the needs of the individual and how these needs can be met.

Dr Ron Keller follows a step-by-step procedure developed to target problems and bring immediate relief and long term solutions to each person's unique situation. The APS Report is a tool with Christian references, but we are respectful of where all clients are spiritually.

Ready to learn more about your Temperament and to experience how it could change your life?